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iPhone 12 Pro Review – What Make iPhone 12 Pro So Special?

If you want an iPhone, then you might be interested in the latest and greatest from Apple, the iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 Pro is an evolution of the previous iPhone models. It is thicker than its predecessors and comes with many new features. For example, it now has a larger, high-resolution camera with optical zoom and a wide-angle lens. Additionally, the iPhone 12 Pro has the popular “Dock connector” which allows users to use their headphones while charging their phone and using the headphone jack at the same time.

iphone 12 pro


iPhone 12 Pro Features

1.6.1″ Screen Size

the iPhone’s 6.1″ screen size provides greater usability and versatility than the other models. If you are planning to purchase an iPhone. Make sure you take the time to check out the iPhone’s screen size before making any final purchasing decisions. In the case of the iPhone 12 Pro, it is one of the phones that provides the best balance between a small screen and a large number of features.

2.Edge To Edge OLED Display

The iPhone 12 Pro is equipped with a powerful OLED display that provides crystal clear viewing of the bright screen and sharp text on its multi-touch interface. To use the phone comfortably you have a smooth glass screen protector that provides complete protection for your finger. You can also make use of a thin sleeve that covers the home button. The edge-to-edge feature of the screen allows you to view all the applications in landscape orientation, that too with ease.

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3.A14 Chip Features of iPhone 12 Pro

You would have heard about the A14 chip features of the iPhone 12 Pro. You must have also seen iPhone’s official website. And you may have also read a lot of product reviews that highlight the A14 feature.

4.The 12MP dual-lens camera

The 12MP dual-lens camera of the iPhone 12 designed to offer users a higher level of camera experience. This is achieved thanks to the lenses that are incorporated into this smartphone. In comparison to previous smartphones, such as the iPhone 5s and 6s, the camera on the iPhone 12 has an ISP (in the form of an optical image sensor) which allows for better image processing.

5.Face Recognition

Face recognition for the best results. The iPhone 12 Pro has advanced facial recognition technology that would definitely save you time when taking portrait photos. For example, it could recognize your entire face, including your mouth. You just have to snap a few photos, snap their respective pictures in different angles, and then go through to the next page. You wouldn’t have to do double-taps to see the result. Now, with portrait photos, everything is taken into account, including your expression.

Comparison With iPhone 11’s

This review will focus on the iPhone 12’s edge-to-edge feature. Many reviews have claimed that the iPhone 11’s edge design was harder to use than the iPhone 12’s, especially when holding the device in one hand. However, the iPhone 12 seems to be less obtrusive in its use than the iPhone 11 and it also appears to be easier to hold than the iPhone 11 as well. There is no doubt that the iPhone 12 will be a step up from the iPhone 11 as the camera is better, has a bigger display, and comes with a clearer color display. But it isn’t anywhere near as big as the iPhone 11. One issue that I think is nitpicky about the iPhone 12 is that it uses the same dock connector as the iPhone 11, however, there are ways around this.

The iPhone 12 has an aluminum body as opposed to the iPhone 11 which makes it more pleasing to the eye, especially for those who prefer a lighter weight. It also has a smaller battery which will last you around eight hours. Although I haven’t had any problems with the battery. I have seen other people complain about the life of the iPhone 12. The lack of a headphone jack means that you cannot use headphones whilst you are using the iPhone 12 Pro. But then again, this is a minor point.

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In the world of smartphones, the iPhone has established itself as the device of choice for savvy consumers who demand functionality and features beyond the basic capabilities of a smartphone. At first glance, the iPhone looks like just another smartphone, with its rectangular screen and user interface that looks more like a mini-computer than a phone. However, once you hold an iPhone in your hand, the unique “touch screen” technology allows you to tap on its home screen to launch applications. And games make the phone feel almost like a miniature desktop computer, even though it is only one size fits all.

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